Women’s Healthcare in New Jersey and Why It Is Important


Women’s health care has been neglected for a long time.It is now that the society has realized the unique needs and the importance of health care in women.The health of women and men differ a great deal, and due to the delicate nature of women, womens care healthcare in New Jersey has become an important topic.

Reasons to highlight the health of women

Women suffer from diseases that are unique to their gender as well as illnesses that were previously thought to affect men only. Menopause is a condition that affects women alone while osteoporosis believed to affect men only occur in a higher proportion of women than men. Women are delicate as they have to make ends meet dealing with issues like taking care of the house, their career and they also go through childbirth, all which are things that make them more likely to get poor health.

Women and osteoporosis

The chances of women to get osteoporosis is higher compared to that of men.This is a condition where the bone gets weak, and it can even cause it to break.The illness was thought to affect men and was never thought to affect women.Women have lower strength, maximum bone density, and peak bone mass in comparison to that of men. When women get to their menopause, they stand a high chance of getting this illness as they lose estrogen Thus, to minimize the possibility of getting this condition women should consume meals rich in vitamin D, calcium, and ensure that they lead a healthy life. Learn more about healthcare at http://www.ehow.com/how_5708749_become-health-care-provider.html.

Heart disease

The heart disease has been named as the leading cause of death in women.According to statistics, most women die a few days after getting heart attack as compared to men.Women are advised to avoid anything that could lead them to get heart attack.Eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle are some of the things that can reduce the chances of a heart disease.

Breast cancer

Cancer is another condition that causes high death rate in women.In fact, one of the conditions that women fear most today is getting breast cancer.Signs that women should watch out for when it comes to this condition is having irregular periods even from a young age and in case they have a family history of people suffering from this illness.Other risk factors include excessive weight, eating meals that have a high-fat diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, and deficiency in vitamin A. It is the responsibility of each woman to examine the breast. In case they find they have any change that they cannot explain then they should see as OBGYN doctor immediately.


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